When is comes to soliciting or taking advice, it’s only natural to turn to those you know, like and trust. The problem can be that we don’t always really know if that advice is good. Trusting the source may be different from trusting the actual information.

Where do you turn to when it comes to mortgage and home buying decisions?

The media?

Unfortunately, members of the media cannot be experts on every topic. Headlines and sound bites do not tell the whole story.

The internet?

The information you find on the internet may not come from qualified sources. Even if the source is sound, the information may be dated.

Family and friends?

Most people engage in only a few real estate transactions in their lifetime. The opinions of your family and friends are important and well intentioned, but they are also limited to the breadth and recency of their experiences.

At LeaderOne Financial we spend our days helping others like you. We know about loan programs and guideline changes. We stay on top of the latest trends and in-depth market analysis. We work every day with other professionals who spend their lives helping others achieve home ownership. Together, we’ve closed loans successfully many hundreds of times over.

We understand you may still lean on family and friends for feedback. But balance is key. Please give us a chance to share our expertise and experience. No one person, ourselves included, will ever have all of the answers, however we want you to know that we are here to help and so, as you are gathering information and making your own decisions, please just give us a call.



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